Sunday, March 20, 2016

SEO Tips of 2015 Top Steps Increases Traffic and Your Brand Reputation

SEO Tips of 2015 Top Steps Increases Traffic and Your Brand Reputation

Hello Everyone! It is quite obvious we are here waiting for an easy way to increase traffic for our website ad create a new brand of 2015.

How do we increase increase visits as well as brand from trust worthy websites and increase by Google Rankings?

 Do not worry I have lots of tips and steps which will make your path easy.

1. Set Up a Content Marketing Plan

2. Compare your Competitor Strength

3. Basic SEO has to be Up to Date

4. Make sure all your Title and Meta reflect the content.

5. Have a monthly Analysis and Tracking Methods through various tools, check if your activities are worth spending time and money. If No stop the process or pay less attention.



Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, India

Why Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore?

Today world is getting regular with online, users are found more in social media sites and search engines. As we have determined our stats say that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and other websites are grown from small companies to giant Multi National companies. Let us have a look at stats:

966 Million Websites all over the world until 2016

1.591 Billion Active Monthly users in Facebook until February 2016

300 Million Active Monthly users in Google until February 2016

Now these stats are achieved from the digital marketing activities done by using SEO, SEM, Social Media and TV commercials.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore:

Bangalore is digital hub in India, followed by Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. Below rankings are not shown through any statistics, these are shown through their availability in Bangalore. These are institutes in Bangalore who provides classroom training in digital marketing.

OMiT  - Online Marketing Institute and Training:

This institute is found in the year 2015 but the quality and placements has been good. This institute provides digital marketing courses in Bangalore for 6 months with 2 months theory and 4 months live training classes. This institute also involves coaching in other institutes and corporate training.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing:

Originated in Delhi, Delhi School of Internet Marketing has made a new trend in students to join this institute. This institute provides advanced digital marketing course.


This Institute has several courses and options for your career and recently they have come up with a digital marketing course in Bangalore. Like OMiT even Inventateq is an job oriented digital marketing course with 100% placement

Web Marketing Academy:

Web Marketing Academy offers 90 Days professional digital marketing course in Bangalore. Like OMiT even this institute provides placement and corporate training.


This Institute provides you provides digital marketing course along with specialization courses such as SEO and Web Analytics.


EduPristine is one training providers for international certifications in Finance, Accounting and Analytics. The digital marketing classroom courses in 11 cities. Course covers time duration of 60 hours of digital marketing training over in Sunday's.


Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore conducts a courses of Post Graduation in Digital Media Marketing. The course is one year program focuses on the strategic and live training of Digital Marketing. 

Learning Catalyst:

Learning Catalyst is one of the digital marketing institute in Bangalore. Learning Catalyst provides 6 weeks digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Institute:

Is an online course but many universities can be tied up with this institute for various digital marketing courses.

Institute of Marketing:

Institute of Marketing located in Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, provides the professional certification course in digital marketing.

So this are listing as per best of my knowledge and does not rank through any metrics, You can contact them and get registered.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Analytics: How to Differentiate Signature Visits and Exact Direct Visits?

Differentiate Signature Visits and Exact Direct Visits

Dear All, I have been using Google Analytics for long time but my query is how to differentiate signature visits and exact direct visits in Google Analytics?

Give your answers in comments below. Thanks!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Google Tricks To No Meta Description from No Meta Keywords - YouTube

From No Meta Keywords to Meta Description Ranks you better. Why?

Here is when Matt Cutts who is Head of Google Anti-Spam told us "I Don't Use Meta description for my own Blog, Opps did I tell it out? Yes If your website has proper Headings and SEO supportive description no need to write Meta Description to each pages" In Fact, he also mentioned if the page has dynamic or automated content which is difficult for a crawler to fetch without meta then apply unique meta description and avoid Meta duplication.