Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Analytics: How to Differentiate Signature Visits and Exact Direct Visits?

Differentiate Signature Visits and Exact Direct Visits

Dear All, I have been using Google Analytics for long time but my query is how to differentiate signature visits and exact direct visits in Google Analytics?

Give your answers in comments below. Thanks!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Google Tricks To No Meta Description from No Meta Keywords - YouTube

From No Meta Keywords to Meta Description Ranks you better. Why?

Here is when Matt Cutts who is Head of Google Anti-Spam told us "I Don't Use Meta description for my own Blog, Opps did I tell it out? Yes If your website has proper Headings and SEO supportive description no need to write Meta Description to each pages" In Fact, he also mentioned if the page has dynamic or automated content which is difficult for a crawler to fetch without meta then apply unique meta description and avoid Meta duplication.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Responsive (RWD) Website Google Says "No Harm on SEO if Website is Fast"

As we know Responsive Websites (RWD) and Sub domain website are very different in nature. This is how I countered some benefits of Responsive websites and disadvantages of Responsive websites

Advantages of RWD (Responsive Websites) VS Mobile Websites

  1. Very easy to maintain and do changes across pages
  2. Cost is very less to build
  3. Higher Page Rank Value
  4. Easily extendable for future business needs
  5. Very easy to maintain small business and B2B websites

Disadvantages of RWD (Responsive Website) Vs Mobile Websites

  1. Loads very slowly
  2. There is no variety of coding
  3. Similar template design and website concept
  4. Very complicated to maintain E-commerce website

About Responsive RWD Website Google Says "No Harm on SEO if Website is FAST"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SEO Tips: #Not #Provided increased to 100 percent how to show visits based keywords?

Do not worry, In order to show your clients, what are the visits? you can show their webmaster tools based keywords with impressions and clicks as well as CTR.

Note: You can show only month wise

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What To Do If Your Site Was Hit By Panda - SEland

Matt’s short answer to the question is to make sure to write high quality content, content at the level of published books or in popular magazines.

So if you notice your traffic dropped and you are “not ranking as high as you were,” Matt said. Then you should look at the quality of your content and improve on that. Matt also references a post named More guidance on building high-quality sites and integrating seo startegies for off page of 2013, Google’s head of search.