Friday, April 19, 2013

New White Hat SEO 2013: Strategies of OFF Page Optimization/Backlinking

Why should we depend on white hat SEO strategy? Can I Survive with ethical methods?

Best or better, better or good the Google aims to acquire online market on all the category of business.

Do you know there are 100 of Google applications that leads you to better status in digital marketing. How would I do this? is a basic question of start ups and rookie.

Now I would reveal the strategy of success of major giants of Digital Marketing industries. 

As we know the basic of web is a structure. Structure that defines, where have you placed in the wide range of inbound links. Inbound links are most popular way to bring out your website presence to different users.

1. Catch your user attention towards your online business
2. Provide users applications in your website which they would love to share with their friends
3. Covert your users into clients
4. Try different applications and test them

How would I reach till my target audience in SEO?

Follow the steps below these can be applied for any kind of online business nature:

Social Media Strategy and Engagement

Competitor Back-link Check

Forum Posting

QnA Posting

Social Bookmarking

Blog Posting and RSS feed submissions

Web Directory Submissions

Review based websites

Press Releases

Social Media Strategy and Engagement:

Since 2012 social media has helped many e-commerce and digital marketing agencies websites grow from nil to lacks and some towards millions. Always keep your brand name and website links across your posts (note: every post should not contain website link that gives a business or negative aspect for users). When I speak about social media, yes there are lot of users who just cant stay far from it. In fact social media has become basic necessity of day today life. 

I suggest you to post at least 5 posts a day where your post would attract users by news, creative images, product detail and funny characters. Know how to do social media business ethically?

Competitor Analysis:

Analysis doesn't mean following or copy writing the content or activities of your competitor, you would rather fail. A true analysis is done to know the success behind your competitor. As per theory a successful business is done by making your users comfortable. Know how their off page strategy works and try something new which would force your competitor customers deal with you. Successful competitor Analysis

Forum Posting:

Usually people visit forums by queries or problems. You solve their problems and give them care they will be following you and your website. Find forum strategies 2013


 Question and answers the direct contact with your customers to land them on your product or service page. You can always try these through out your strategies and these help you build your natural links and force people to search about you. Find QnA Strategies 2013

Social Bookmarking:

A mixture of content where you can attract users towards blog and your FAQ's. In past we have seen many webmasters pushing their home page and category pages towards ranking perspective and still a important way to make website more visible and crawler recognize.

Blog Posting and RSS Feed Submission:

Blog submission helps your users and mainly customers to find more information through regular update. It makes your brand visible through long tail, less searched and lead generating keywords. Years together RSS feed submission has been a buzzing tool to reach your audience and search engines about your fresh content and other relative.

Web Directory Submission:

This has been a time consuming process but really a historic way of building in-bound links and crawler reputation. Google says its not concentrating upon this method but I bet you will definitely get higher search ranking (Google also mentioned they can reduce but they can't stop it).

Review Based Websites:

I am sure by this you will get an idea of how people are satisfied with your product or service and adds value for new customers to engage, if you are doing and if not then improve yourself. For search engines this is the best way as they also try to rank you with help of snippet. Drives visitors towards your website.

Press Releases:

Yes, press release also helps people drive your way as search engines looks at it as news or latest feature in basket. Many of the press release makes you visible throughout other websites and customers.

Coming week I am going to explain how to work on above topics by separate titles, till then stay tuned. You can drop your valuable feedback through comment and share with your friends through social networks.