Monday, April 2, 2012

Google Banned Checker Tools

About Google Banned Checker Tools

Google Banned Checker tools help SEO optimizer and link builder to notify the websites which are removed by Google for spamming, malware or computer harmful website (virus affected).

Google Banned

Why SEO/Link Builder should check Google Banned Websites?

You may be aware of Google terms and policies (Webmaster Guidlines). Sometimes while doing off page optimization, optimizer submit their website into such websites which are banned especially by Google or other major search engines. The submitted website to such blacklisted websites leads to non ranking state by Google, in other words websites which have good ON Page SEO in their website do not rank because you are linked with a malware website. SEO/Link Builder must not have greed to just submit their website blindly to save time. Make sure you use the following tools to avoid the blacklisted websites.

Top Google Banned Checker Tools

These are most popular tools used for Google banned websites check across the world

  1. iWebtool

  2. Google Banned Checker

  3. Search Engine Genie - Google Banned Site Checker Tool

  4. Google Banned Checker

  5. Self SEO - Google Banned Checker

  6. Google Banned Checker

  7. SEO - Google Banned Checker

  8. Google Banned Checker

  9. Online Alley - Google Blacklist Check

  10. Google Banned Checker



Other Tips to Avoid Google Banned Websites

  • Check if the Page rank of a website(directory or any other) is genuine
  • Search the website by into
  • Avoid using software for link builing (do manual link building)
  • Avoid link exchange with websites which do not have category.

I am going to discuss about how to do ethical SEO with all SEO Essentials maintained in your website in the next topic.

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