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Preparing your site for a traffic spike by Google - SEO in Bangalore

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Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Preparing your site for a traffic spike: Webmaster level: Intermediate It’s a moment any site owner both looks forward to, and dreads: a huge surge in traffic to your site (yay!)

Prepare a lightweight version of your site.

  • Exclude decorative elements like images or Flash wherever possible; use text instead of images in the site navigation and chrome, and put most of the content in HTML.

  • Use static HTML pages rather than dynamic ones; the latter place more load on your servers. You can also cache the static output of dynamic pages to reduce server load.

SEO Freelance Services: Take advantage of stable third-party services.

Another alternative is to host a copy of your site on a third-party service that you know will be able to withstand a heavy stream of traffic.

SEO Services should be strong on: Google Sites or Blogger; use services like Google Docs to host documents or forms; or use a content delivery network (CDN).

Content Use lightweight file formats

Use text based PDF: PDFs generated from textual content are more lightweight than PDFs with images in them.

Use text based word file: Reduce maximum images used in your word documents.

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