Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Body Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Body is the most important factor of the website. Content Optimization is the first step in SEO. Your website content optimization is a useful way to make your user to understand about your website and your business in a better way, hence it is the most important part of optimization. User identifies about your service quality through content of your website when lands up from Search Engines or any other means.

How to show content in Website?

Body tag refers to the content of our website. In Content Optimization an optimizer should do optimization of your body content as per your business related keyword. In Body Content Optimization we do Image Optimization, Content Editing, Creating internal Link Structure, W3C Validation and use of Bold, Italics, remove unusual keywords and replace with important keywords , create content structure and make your body content attractive.

While we do content optimization we expect three things in our mind:
  • User friendly content
  • User Navigation
  • Search Engine Friendly Content
User Friendly Content: make your content so much precise that a normal from a youth to a senior citizen will find it comfortable and stress free to read.

User Navigation: make use of user interface or switching of a user from one page to another page in such a way that from a new web user to a regular user will find it comfortable and easy to navigate.

Search Engine Friendly Content: place the highly searched keywords and maintain the keyword density with respect to search engine policies. Make sure you use right keyword related to your title and reflects the page topic.

If your website is new and you want to develop your SEO friendly and keyword rich content. We also help you in this case. We also provide the service of content writing for your website and for your business.

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